Virat Kohli’s Secret Baby News Exposed! AB de Villiers Spills the Beans LIVE

Virat Kohli's Secret Baby News Exposed

In a recent communication with his fans, AB de Villiers, the former captain of South Africa, shared heartening news about Virat Kohli expecting his second child. This revelation unfolded during an engaging session with de Villiers and his audience, shedding light on Kohli’s decision to sit out the initial two Tests against England.

During their conversation, de Villiers revealed, “I had a conversation with Virat Kohli when he made the call to skip the first two Tests against England.” De Villiers reassured fans about Kohli’s well-being, mentioning that the Indian cricket maestro is presently enjoying valuable moments with his family.

Virat Kohli, the ex-captain of the Indian cricket team, consciously opted to abstain from participating in the first two matches of the upcoming five-game Test series against England. AB de Villiers, the iconic South African cricketer, took this opportunity to disclose the authentic reason behind Kohli’s brief break. Sharing insights from their conversation, de Villiers used his YouTube channel as a platform to communicate this information.

Expressing his empathy towards Kohli’s situation, de Villiers shared on his YouTube channel, “I’m aware that Kohli is in good spirits. He is utilizing this time to be with his family. As a result, he won’t be taking part in the initial two Test matches. I won’t provide any confirmation; I’ll await his return. They are all doing well, and he conveyed that he is in high spirits.”

This revelation from AB de Villiers not only provides clarity regarding Virat Kohli’s absence from the initial Tests but also offers a peek into the personal side of the Indian cricket star’s life. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Kohli’s return to the pitch, the news of his imminent fatherhood adds a touch of joy to the broader cricketing community.

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