Good News for Government Employees: One Installment of DA Dues Released

In a significant update, Finance Minister KN Balagopal has announced that government employees will receive one installment of their pending DA dues in their April salary.

This declaration, part of the fourth budget of the Pinarayi government, addresses the existing arrears which are distributed across six installments:

  • 01.01.2021: 2%
  • 01.07.2021: 3%
  • 01.01.2022: 3%
  • 01.07.2022: 3%
  • 01.01.2023: 4%
  • 01.07.2023: 3%

The Finance Minister has confirmed that one installment of these outstanding arrears will be disbursed in the April salary, providing a measure of relief to government employees.

FAQs – Release of DA Dues in April Salary

Why is the Finance Minister releasing only one installment of DA dues in April?

The decision to release one installment in April is part of the ongoing process to address pending DA dues. The staggered release is aligned with the government’s financial planning.

How many installments are pending, and what are the due dates?

There are six installments pending, with due dates as follows:
01.01.2021: 2%
01.07.2021: 3%
01.01.2022: 3%
01.07.2022: 3%
01.01.2023: 4%
01.07.2023: 3%

Will the remaining installments be released in subsequent months?

The announcement specifies the release of one installment in April. Details about the schedule for the remaining installments will be communicated based on government decisions.

How will employees be notified about the release of DA dues?

Employees can expect communication through official channels, including notifications from government authorities and updates from relevant departments.

How does this announcement impact government employees?

The release of one installment in April provides timely financial relief to government employees, addressing a portion of the pending DA dues. The government aims to fulfill financial commitments systematically.

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